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GIS: cartography and spatial analyses

Applications of GIS: mapping of earthquake deformation information, spatial analysis of effects of shade fraction on glacier melt, real-time mapping of GPS waypoints and tracks, vegetation mapping and slope/aspect/ridgeline analysis for pre-fire treatment planning, integrated vector and raster spatial analysis and metrics, random field plot generation, general cartography, conservation site planning, spatial optimization modeling, habitat modeling, terrestrial and aquatic site planning, creating and editing geodatabases, developing raster-based tools for use in ArcGIS, and more

Geophysics: ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and GPS surveys and data processing

We can conduct and plan ground-penetrating radar (GPR) surveys as well as process and interpret GPR data.

Experience conducting GPS surveys with a variety of equipment including Trimble, Ashtech, and Garmin

Visualization: 3D visualization of scientific data

We can create 3D visualizations of very large or small datasets using or ESRI tools.

Programming: Python, HTML, C++, scripting, and more

Scientific programming and application development.

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